Merchandise Consultant

Position Title: Merchandise Consultant
Unit: Marketing and Engagement
Directly reports to: Director – Marketing & Engagement
Location: Dubai
Direct reports: None
Type of contract: Consultancy
Start Date: Q1 2023


Emirates Nature is a UAE environmental non-governmental organization, established under the patronage of HH Sheikh Hamdan bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Ruler’s representative in the Western Region and Chairman of Environmental Agency – Abu Dhabi (EAD).

Emirates Nature works in association with WWF, one of the world’s largest and most respected independent conservation organizations. Emirates Nature-WWF has been active in the UAE since 2001 and has successfully initiated and implemented several conservation and education projects and initiatives in the region.

Emirates Nature-WWF works federally and in the region with offices in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Fujairah and is governed by a local board of directors.

Job summary

Emirates Nature-WWF (EN-WWF) is seeking to recruit a seasoned, competent retail and production merchandise Consultant with a broad spectrum of experience in Merchandise, market and product analysis and experience dealing with retailers, manufacturers and others in the supply chain. The successful candidate will be analyzing sales data to identify trends and opportunities, developing product assortments that meet the needs of the target market, negotiating with suppliers to ensure competitive pricing, and identify outlets and avenues to offer such merchandize products within the UAE market.

Major duties and Key Responsibilities

  • Monitoring sales and identifying any losses or stock wastage

  • Working with suppliers and distributors to negotiate prices and order large volumes

  • Collaborate with executives, marketers and salespeople to set prices that are good for the market and profit

  • Getting to know the customer base and understanding their motivation and sales drivers

  • Reviewing customer feedback to predict sales trends and seasonal stock demand

  • Briefing staff on stock display and rotation to ensure every space is optimized

  • Researching and monitoring industry trends and consumer behavior to anticipate demand and changes in buying patterns

  • Making predictions based on sales data, customer feedback and market trends

  • Assessing the effectiveness of different product displays and store layouts on sales figures

  • Reviewing competitors, including pricing, profit, marketing and other progress

  • Regularly track the sales and revenue of each product piece to determine which are best-sellers and which to replace.

  • Suggest potential special offers to help the store increase its profits.

  • Gain more insight on which products consumers are more likely to purchase,

  • Regularly conduct interviews, surveys and focus groups with potential and current customers.

  • Creatively lead and assist in the development of product lines or bespoke capsule seasonal collections that contribute to key projects, branded merch store, promotional products for both B2C and B2B scenarios.

Required qualifications

  • A min of 4-5 years’ experience in the merchandising and retail procurement industry
  • Bachelor’s degree in a marketing, business administration, or a related field
  • Proficient in conversational and written English, Arabic is a plus
  • Excellent knowledge of EMEA Market
  • High level of cultural sensitivity and awareness with ability to work in a multi-cultural setting
  • Proven knowledge and or experience in the non-for-profit sector, preferably of environmental non-government organizations.


Emirates Nature-WWF Focus: Acts as a member of Emirates Nature-WWF, placing higher priority on Emirates Nature-WWF goals than own goals and anticipating the effects of own area’s actions on others to ensure holistic Emirates Nature-WWF outcomes.

External Orientation: Looks outwards ensuring WWF stays relevant, continues to anticipate and adapt to external environmental and global trends.

Delivering Quality Outcomes: Establishes stretch goals, plans, using best judgment and takes responsibility for planning to and delivering on outcomes.

Building Working Relationships: Builds collaborative relationships through the understanding and development of other’s and own ideas.

Communicating Effectively: Uses appropriate means of communication to convey messages, seeks input from others and ensures understanding.

Leading Teams: Develops direction and shared purpose, builds a team through coaching to ensure the accomplishment of goals and high level team performance.

Leading Change: Encourages and seeks out innovative solutions and brings people on a journey constructively and empathetically.

Managing Resources: Makes the right judgments based on financial and resource availability.

Establishing Strategic Direction: Generates options to achieve long-range goals, selects the best strategies for success and delivers on strategic goals.

Building Organizational Capability: Diagnoses individual and team capability and development needs and champions talent management.

Skills required

  • Excellent communication skills, including speaking, writing and listening
  • Strong time management abilities, including planning and prioritizing workloads
  • Effective strategic planning, both for the short-term and long-term
  • Thorough understanding of merchandising trends and industry best practices
  • In-depth knowledge of industry-specific trends and issues
  • Exceptional ability to analyze data and draw relevant conclusions
  • Creative and innovative thinking
  • Experience in preparing and delivering presentations to managers, staff and suppliers
  • A proven track record of achieving excellent results with merchandising strategies and promotional activity

Working relationships

Internal - Works withal departments within the organisation

External - Works with external stakeholders such as suppliers, retailers, ministries, etc


Value Behaviors
Impact Driven
  • Results oriented and focused
  • We passionately seek impactful solutions to overcome the planets greatest challenges
  • Uses a science-based approach and applies facts, logic and professional knowledge to create impact, displaying a strong understanding of the issues
  • Demonstrates focus, determination, efficiency and accountability
  • Consistently delivers high-quality work
  • Acts and communicates openly, constructively and ethically, and is sensitive to other people and cultures
  • Treats others fairly and respects others points of view, creating an environment of trust
  • Is consistent, honest and transparent in what one does and says
  • Demonstrates self-awareness, manages own emotional response, and is aware of the impact of own behavior on others
  • Demonstrates professionalism and upholds a high regard for the reputation of the organization
  • We live the principles and standards we call on others to meet, and hold each other accountable
Together We’re Stronger
  • Shows empathy, listens, asks questions and shows consideration and understanding for others
  • Is approachable, empowers others, provides trust and mutual respect
  • We remain optimistic, light-hearted and participates in celebrating success together
  • Recognizes the value that each individual brings to the collective impact of the organization
  • Embraces diversity and inclusion
  • Speaking with one voice, unified by one mission, shared values and common priorities
  • Seeks to build powerful and aligned networks with government, organizations and communities
  • Demonstrates perseverance and commitment to the Mission and Vision of the organization
  • Acts with confidence and from a position of strength
  • Takes measured risks and encourages action
  • Inspires hope and optimism
  • Stays informed of external developments and trends and adapts accordingly
  • Pursues avenues for continuous learning and development
  • Stays open-minded, seeks innovative and creative solutions
  • Flexible and open to change and others view-points, remains calm and confident during change
  • Embraces feedback

Additional information

Emirates Nature-WWF is an equal opportunity employer. We welcome diversity in the workplace and offer a flexible and diverse place of employment.

Emirates Nature-WWF staff participate wholeheartedly in general activities and events that require the full support and participation of all staff members, whether the focus of any particular event or activity has any bearing on the job description and assigned project objectives and activities.

How to apply

Please send your application consisting of a cover letter explaining why you are the right candidate to work with EN-WWF and your CV with the subject ‘Application for Merchandise Consultant’ to the attention of Ms Magdalena Tayoun on [email protected] before 31st March 2023.

Emirates Nature reserves the right to appoint a candidate prior this date.