Wadi Shees Mountains
Conserving freshwater at Wadi Shees

Restoring falaj irrigation system to support local communities, agriculture and biodiversity for generations to come.

Freshwater at Wadi Shees

Restoring a traditional water management system

Freshwater is a precious resource we all need to survive.  With no long rivers or permanent lakes in the UAE, our only nature source of freshwater is rainfall. Rainwater collects in underground wells and replenishes our groundwater levels. As early as three thousand years ago, our ancestors invented the falaj system, a series of wells and canals, to channel this water towards farms and settlements.

In recent years, groundwater levels have dipped as demand for freshwater has continued to grow. Sustainable use of water is now a top priority in communities such as Wadi Shees where agriculture and cultivation of dates are the main source of income.

Our work has regenerated the Wadi to improve access to water for both society and nature, through the restoration of the traditional Falaj irrigation system that conserve water whilst support the biodiversity of Wadi Shees while maintaining farming practices.

Project goals

Our goal is to support the sustainable flow of fresh water in Wadi Shees, to meet the needs of the local community, support agriculture and protect species that depend on this remarkable source of freshwater, such as the Arabian Spotted-Eagle Owl, the Caracal wild cat and Blanford’s fox.

We also hope to secure local and global recognition for the falaj at the wadi, given its important role in sustaining and shaping the culture of the region. Our past conservation projects have shown that the creation of protected areas can be instrumental in ensuring protection and prosperity for natural habitats as well as the communities and biodiversity they support.

Our achievements


of the farmers in the wadi were trained in the use of new efficient water irrigation tools


water savings achieved in the wadi by optimizing the use of water for farming in the last few months.

Working Together

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