Green Economy

Green Economy

The Green Economy sets an alternative vision for development; one that can generate economic development and improvements in people’s lives in ways consistent to the planetary boundaries - the available natural resources (such as availability of freshwater, healthy soil and oceans) and systems (such as stable climate) - that support our human wellbeing and economic prosperity. It is the understanding that our economic welfare goes hand in hand with social and environmental resilience and stability.


Our goal is to enable a sustainable and circular economic model across key economic sectors in the UAE by catalysing a shift to nature-positive decision making.

We want to help society in moving towards a green economy that provides resilient jobs, ensures the well-being of people, and keeps the natural environment intact.

The transformation to a green economy involves unlocking multi-stakeholder partnerships to accelerate public and private action, and creating new business opportunities that can help address key societal needs such as climate mitigation and resilience, food and water security, access to natural space for recreation, etc. Key economic sectors depend upon and can contribute to managing the UAE’s natural capital through eco-tourism, sustainable food production systems, circular economy and coastal development.

Financial institutions also have a key role to play in enabling a shift in sustainable business in ways that benefit people and the planet. And this sustainable future for finance can still be profitable. The Paris Climate Agreement could open up opportunities worth nearly US$23 trillion by 2030 in sectors like renewable energy, energy efficiency and low-carbon technology. Achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals could create at least US$12 trillion in market opportunities, ranging from reducing food waste to transforming urban public transport systems.

For over a decade, Emirates Nature-WWF has worked with businesses to drive forth a shift towards sustainable consumption and production patterns.

We aim to identify innovative solutions and promote market transformation across key economic sectors in the UAE to help accelerate the country’s transition towards a sustainable future. Through our project work  will continue to examine drivers of environmental degradation and rally together stakeholders including corporate leaders, shareholders, consumers and financial institutions to protect the environment in line with government policies.