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Rethink Plastic

Plastic may be helpful, but plastic waste is not.

Rethink Plastic

100 top companies could prevent the generation of 10 million tons of plastic waste. What’s more? Action across sectors and supply chains could triple the impact.

Our Rethink Plastic campaign calls on businesses in the UAE to take action to reduce plastic pollution. There are different ways in which partners can take part.

Different ways partners can get involved

  • Contribute a portion of proceeds towards our conservation efforts with the sale of each single-use plastic bag.
  • Introduce eco-friendly bags for sale, where a portion of proceeds go to our conservation efforts.
  • Create a ‘bag exchange point’ where shoppers can collect and drop off used bags.
  • Develop a joint awareness campaign with us that helps educate people about the problem.

Paving the way for the retail sector.

Our pioneering partners have facilitated easy adaptation for all UAE’s retail sector by having warmed up consumers and paved the way as leading examples.

Join hands with us.

It’s more important than ever for your business to take action in eliminating avoidable plastic waste, we are all about enforcing positive behaviour change.

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Hossam Nasef
Hossam Nasef
Senior Manager - Business Development