28. November 2018

Preventing Biodiversity Loss [Why we need your support to protect UAE’s fragile ecosystems]

High levels of biodiversity in the mountainous regions of the UAE are facing survival challenges previously unseen in this country

Habitat loss is of great concern for this nation considering the numerous species of plants, reptiles and mammals that exist only in this geographic region. The urgency of this issue is supported by the recent WWF Living Planet Report 2018 that shows global populations of fish, birds, mammals, amphibians and reptiles declined on average by 60 per cent since 1970.

Here we examine the challenges facing biodiversity in the UAE, particularly the biodiversity rich Hajar Mountain range, and detail why your support is needed to ensure lasting protection.


A Symbol of Emirati Identity

Here in the UAE, the Hajar mountain range is an iconic symbol of local identity and has even been identified as a priority WWF Global 200 Ecoregion - defined as ecoregions with exceptional levels of biodiversity. The benefits of environmental protection in this region are vast in quantity and vital to all those who depend of the land to survive. 

History and Heritage

Historically, the nature of this country has been engrained in Emirati culture and heritage.  By recognizing that threatened wildlife and plants are of aesthetic, ecological, educational, historical, recreational and scientific value to this nation, we can begin to take necessary steps to conserve the ecosystems upon which these species depend.

Threats to Biodiversity

Running from the Northern peninsula down the east coast of the UAE, the dramatic 600km Hajar Mountain range is home to vast array of species. However, as this nation advances towards world leading ranks of industry and innovation, the surrounding natural world faces ever-greater threats to its survival.

Habitat loss in the UAE

Habitat loss coupled with increasing ease of access to formerly remote areas of the Hajar Mountains may intensify and speed up the shrinkage of species distribution and abundance.

Our Environmental Responsibility

Saving these natural assets requires creating a network of protected areas and ecological corridors that stretch across the emirates and into neighboring countries. These protected areas involve the management of specific natural assets, conserving them for diverse reasons including biodiversity preservation, species protection and natural beauty. Accomplishing this goal will give all UAE wildlife a fighting chance to not only survive but thrive for generations to come.

Resilience through Partnerships

In 2001 Emirates Nature-WWF was established on a foundation of protecting the UAE’s natural wealth and ensuring a sustainable future. Our experts are involved in extensive research, in partnership with governmental and environmental entities, to understand our impact on biodiversity in this country.

Joining the Cause

We understand the complexity of the issue, and we are fully aware that our success is only possible by partnering with like-minded organisations and businesses. We are looking to bring organisations from public and private sectors to work towards a common conservation goal and be part of the solution for sustainable development in the UAE.

Help us protect this nation’s rich biodiversity

To find how your organisation can participate in conservation projects with Emirates Nature-WWF talk to our senior partnerships manager Remy .