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This Zero Emissions Day, become a Leader of Change.


A sustainable future is within reach – together, we can make it possible. Here’s How.

Open for tomorrow

Act now to keep our planet #OpenforTomorrow

Together, we have the power to prevent future pandemics and reduce the negative impact of climate change. Together, we can keep our planet #OpenForTomorrow. But we must act now. Shop with one of our conscious partners this festive season and contribute to a greener future for the UAE & our planet.

But we are not done yet - Together, we can achieve so much more. Here’s how you can get involved.

Blue carbon accounting in Khor Beidah lagoon

Enhancing resilience of Blue Carbon coastal ecosystems in the UAE

Nature-Based Solutions

Connect With Nature

Explore the natural beauty of the UAE with our youth community.

Connect with Nature

Connect with Nature Youth Majilis

Join UAE youth in a series of virtual youth majlis’ reimagining life following the pandemic.

Join the conversation

Together, we can restore UAE’s mangroves.

The restoration of mangrove ecosystems is an effective action to enhance CO2 sequestration and storage, and ultimately support ongoing efforts on climate change mitigation and adaptation. This project is in partnership with Mastercard’s Priceless Planet Coalition.

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