HR & Membership Journey Manager

Position Title: HR & Membership Journey Manager
Unit: Operations
Directly reports to: Operations Director
Location: Dubai
Direct reports: Ops Admin Assistant
Type of contract: Full-time
Date: January 2021


Emirates Nature (EN) is a UAE environmental non-governmental organization, established under the patronage of HH Sheikh Hamdan bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Ruler’s representative in the Western Region and Chairman of Environmental Agency – Abu Dhabi (EAD).

EN works in association with WWF, one of the world’s largest and most respected independent conservation organizations. EWS-WWF has been active in the UAE since 2001 and has successfully initiated and implemented several conservation and education projects and initiatives in the region.

EN-WWF works federally and in the region with offices in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Fujairah and is governed by a local board of directors.

It is our organizational objective to ensure a high performing workforce within our offices with highly efficient, skilled members all of whom will be unilaterally focused on supporting and delivering conservation activities within the UAE and our stakeholders.

The organization is functional by a Ministerial Decree as a ‘society’ institutionalized by the Ministry of Community Development, a federal governmental entity that resides within the UAE. In as such, this organization’s operational laws and workings coincides with that as a governmental institution that falls within any Abu Dhabi Government’s entities.

Job summary

As the Human Resources Manager, you will develop and lead on implementing an HR strategy to provide an employee-oriented, high performance culture utilizing best-practice systems and policies. These policies will emphasize our vision, mission and values as well as on-going development of an exceptional workforce.

The HR Manager supports the team across a variety of functions and will, therefore, have an adaptable, flexible approach to their work as well as excellent communication and presentation skills and a passion for people, the environment, conservation and sustainability. The HR Manager will be a focal point for all employee relations, ensuring alignment with policies, practices, procedures and support in building an organizational culture of trust, transparency, cooperation, efficiency and efficacy.  The Human Resources Manager ensures the implementation of human resource policies, procedures and systems for the organizations, aligned with and to all strategic plans.

All policies and standards need to adhere to, be in compliance with, and be in line with the Ministry of Community Development, the Board of Directors, local labor laws and federal statutory requirements, and WWF’s best practices and operating procedures.  

Whilst the HR Manager does not have any direct reports, WWF internatonally, as well as our offices locally, support having interns, volunteers, and consultants providing the team and the individual with additional support if and when necessary and required.

The role holder is expected to manage the assigned resources optimally and make decisions for the betterment of the organization, society and the environment.

The HR Manager will be based in the Dubai Corporate Office and scheduled meetings within the other corporate offices (which can alter with time, based on chosen sites of research by the conservation team), in addition to scheduled meetings with other internal and external stakeholders, partners and vendors.

In addition to the HR related tasks the ideal candidate will have cross-cutting skills to support EN with the Membership Programme. Experience with volunteering programmes is therefore a must.

Key Responsibilities


  • Develop HR Strategies that fall within the organization’s vision, mission and goals, incorporating the values of the organization.
  • Develop HR strategy and enhance the overall HR program utilizing best practices, methods and processes proven successful within international standards, WWF standards, and customized within the local context.
  • Incorporate and strengthen the organizational culture through strategic practices and development of the organization, department and each individual.
  • Ensure that HR strategies, practices, policies and procedures are upheld and carried out within all departments and amongst all members of the organization.

Membership Program

  • Support Membership program and volunteer/intern database to benefit the organization.
  • Manage the volunteers and interns within the Membership Programme.
  • Design SOPs for volunteer journey.
  • Co-develop learning opportunities for members
  • Support with acquisition of new members
  • Integrating youth volunteer elements into the wider operating model, incl. interns, train the trainer, etc.
  • Coordinating with CwN team &Snr Membership Manager on compliance issues and training related to children and vulnerable populations
  • Support with mapping of leadership journey
  • Develop Job descriptions for Hero Volunteers
  • Create training materials


  • Ensure planning of strategies and implementation happens periodically and the planning implementation falls within the same period/timeframe as the organization and all relative departments’ schedules.
  • Ensure that planning takes into consideration not only the organization’s overall goals and objectives, but each individual department’s plans, goals, objectives and AIMs integrated in the human resource planning process.
  • Manpower planning is looked at from an organizational level, as well as within each department, in liaise with the unit leader, unit director and Director General’s career path for each member within the organization. See whether it lines in and coincides with the organization’s mission, vision, plans, strategies whilst maintaining the organization’s values and integrity.
  • Integration of a human resource planning management system on the IT platforms the organization currently utilizes, streamlining processes throughout.


  • Ensure that all goals, strategies and plans are quantified and controlled through monthly budgeting, in line with the budget allocated to human resources, and, therein, each workplan designated to each itemized budget line and planogram.


  • Support the teams in defining recruitment needs.
  • Lead in the recruitment and selection of key individuals.
  • Develop and complete screening and reference documentation for all new staff.
  • Prepare contracts and negotiate offers and benefits for new staff.
  • Follow up with new recruits and line managers to monitor successful onboarding of new team members.
  • Participate in relevant recruitment fairs.
  • Develop relationships with relevant universities for potential future recruitments.
  • Develop and maintain database of interested and interesting candidates.

Training & Staff Development

  • Lead a one-day induction for all new staff within the first month of hiring to ensure fast and full integration to the job.
  • Continually look for and research training opportunities for all staff and manage yearly training calendar with support and approval from Operations Director.
  • Monitor development plans across the organization.
  • Give advice and counseling assistance to employees’ managers to enhance team performance and motivation.
  • Recommend development opportunities for staff and line manager following yearly and interim appraisals.
  • Update and lead training for annual first aid and other work-related courses.

Organizational Culture

  • Promote an effective organizational culture.
  • Understand the culture the organization is striving towards and help promote the culture through HR policies, team building and staff development.
  • Lead on improving and monitoring the organizational culture.
  • Arrange the weekly team huddle and quarterly team building events.
  • With the support of the Management Team, champion the Vision, Mission and Values of the organization.


  • Supervise and oversee relevant administrative staff.
  • Coordinate with PRO regarding visas for staff and other HR related duties.

Manage Payroll & Benefits

  • Manage and process monthly payroll.
  • Ensure all staff contracts are kept up to date and all agreed compensation is documented.
  • Draft new contracts for all new recruits in line with compensation and benefits structure.
  • Ensure salary structure and benefits remains consistent with market standards and business requirements by conducting benchmarking exercises every two years.

HR Administration

  • Oversee holiday entitlement and leave approval process in conjunction with Dubai receptionist.
  • Oversee timesheet process.
  • Act as center of knowledge for any HR related queries, medical insurance questions and policy related issues.
  • Oversee salary certificates, increment letters, termination requests and any other HR related employee documents for staff.
  • Manage and develop performance management process and yearly appraisal documentation and continually update all appraisal forms to reflect changing requirements and staff.
  • Ensure HR workspace and library folders contain up to date and relevant information.
  • Manages and resolves employee relations and performance issues.
  • Aligns operational change needs with Human Resources related actions to be taken.
  • Be available for staff regarding HR related issues.

HR Policy, Labor Law & Compliance

  • Ensure the HR policy manual is up to date and available to all staff.
  • Support all line manager in being knowledgeable about the HR Policy.
  • Support office administration including civil defense inspections, building management queries, health and safety issues, staff requests for furniture or equipment and general office upkeep.
  • Ensure all HR policy documents are kept up to date.
  • Ensure consistent compliance with Abu Dhabi Government and UAE Labor Law and changing Abu Dhabi Government UAE HR practices.
  • Continually align Emirates Nature-WWF with best practice standards and maintain WWF HR network communication.

Required Qualifications

  • At least 5 years of stretching experience in HR
  • Excellent interpersonal and organizational skills
  • Confidentiality
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Adhere to the EWS-WWF Values
    • Impact Driven
    • Integrity
    • Together We’re Stronger
    • Courage
    • Adaptable


  • Bachelor of Arts or HR relevant professional qualification or other relevant higher education degree
  • Fluency in English and ideally Arabic 



WWF Focus:
Acts as a member of EWS-WWF, placing higher priority on EWS-WWF’s goals than own goals and anticipating the effects of own area’s actions on others to ensure holistic EWS-WWF outcomes

External Orientation:
Looks outwards ensuring EWS-WWF stays relevant, continues to anticipate and adapt to external environmental and global trends

Delivering Quality Outcomes:
Establishes stretch goals, plans, using best judgment and takes responsibility for planning to and delivering on outcomes

Building Working Relations:
Builds collaborative relationships through the understanding and development of other’s and own ideas

Communicating Effectively:
Uses appropriate means of communication to convey messages, seeks input from others and ensures understanding.

Building Working Relations:
People demonstrating this competency are effective in working with peers, partners and others who are not in the line of command, to positively impact organization performance


Team Leadership:
Develops direction and shared purpose, builds effective and high-performance teams and ensures goals are accomplished

Change Leadership:
Encourages and seeks out innovative solutions through people, transformation and aligning an organization in a new and challenging that brings people on a journey constructively and empathetically

Managing Resources:
Demonstrates an understanding of how the organization operates financially, can identify and direct toward business opportunities by managing resources.

Skills required

  • Ability to influence, persuade and obtain consensus to achieve results.
  • Effective teamwork skills; ability to motivate and inspire people and share knowledge.
  • Superior ability to communicate and synthesize, objectively and clearly.
  • Energetic, creative and always in the forefront.
  • Excellent Communication and presentation skills.
  • Specialist expertise: Possesses specialist knowledge and skills In HR required for providing expert advice
  • Knowledge of Salesforce or other HRM system

Working relationships

Internal: Liaising in close collaboration with Operation Director and WWF International HR.

External: Liaise with stakeholders, job seekers, external human resource management vendors, head-hunters, universities, amongst others.

Additional information

Emirates Nature-WWF is an equal opportunity employer. We welcome diversity in the workplace and offer a flexible and diverse place of employment. Emirates Nature-WWF staff participate wholeheartedly in general activities and events which promotes the overall mission of Emirates Nature-WWF, whether or not the particular event or activity has any bearing on the job description and assigned project objectives and activities.

How to apply

Please send your application to the attention of Human Resource Manager Ms Magdalena Tayoun with the subject ‘Application: HR & Membership Journey Manager’ to [email protected]. Application deadline is 04th February 2021. We reserve the right to appoint a candidate prior this date.