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A Green Recovery

Building an economy that is sustainable, healthy and resilient

A Green Recovery

A green recovery recognises that people thrive when nature thrives.

COVID-19 has demonstrated that our economy cannot continue to grow at the expense of nature. The pandemic is just one of the consequences of our constant expansion into wild habitats and overconsumption of natural resources. If we continue living the same way, we risk running out of crucial resources, losing habitats and species forever, and making irreversible changes to our climate.

To recover from our current situation and to protect against future crises, we must acknowledge that the health of humanity is closely linked to the health of nature and animals.

A green recovery is our chance to rebuild economic growth and ensure long-term prosperity, by adopting environmentally-sensitive policies and business models.

A green recovery calls on businesses, governments and individuals around the world to promote and support the green economy - a low carbon economy that is resource efficient and socially inclusive. It balances economic and social development while significantly reducing environmental risks.

Such a recovery would offer economic returns on investments, generate growth, promote innovation and create jobs. It would also help secure a more healthy and sustainable future, reduce the risks of future pandemics, improve our health and environmental outcomes and move us towards a 100% clean future.

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Our work in this area

Towards a more sustainable UAE

Sustainable development is already a key priority in the UAE and the central focus of the country’s Vision 2021.

Under this initiative, the UAE aims to become a global hub for the green economy which serves to diversify the country’s economy, enhance competitiveness and preserve the environment.

Recent events have affirmed the high priority the nation places on accelerating the deployment of renewables, pursuing a green economy and securing a climate-safe world for future generations.

Inspiring green dialogue and action

Emirates Nature-WWF has been setting the foundation for the green economy for several years now, working alongside the global WWF network and other partners.

We bring the latest international thinking to the UAE to inspire dialogue and action around green innovation, sustainability, transformation and economic growth.

Food security

The majority of food in the UAE is imported from other regions. This food has a high cost and environmental footprint. As our population continues to grow, a sustainable approach to food to essential.

We work with partners to meet the UAE’s goals of ensuring food security, enhancing local production and halving food waste. As part of the larger WWF network, we are part of a global movement to Save 1/3 of all food from going to waste.

Digital transformation

Adoption of digital technology has sped up significantly during the pandemic as people learned new ways to transact and organisations accelerated digital transformation plans.

The UAE Government views digital transformation as a high priority sector for investment, one which can help boost the country’s post-COVID19 economic recovery. We work with partners to identify how technology can be leveraged to drive the growth and success of the green economy.

Circular Economy

A circular economy calls for organisations to enhance resource efficiency and reduce the demand for new materials from nature. At scale, this model also helps tackle our growing waste problem.

We support the UAE’s transition to a circular economy by providing policymakers and businesses with science-based solutions and best practices for implementation. As a member of the UAE Circular Economy Council, our Director General works on initiatives such as Scale 360 that leverage technology to help fast-track the circular economy.

Sustainable Blue Economy

UAE’s marine ecosystems has given rise to vital industries including ports and shipping, sea water desalination, coastal real estate, tourism and recreation, and fisheries. To protect the health of our blue economy, we must address threats such pollution, habitat degradation, biodiversity loss and rising temperatures.

We are working with government and private sector stakeholders to establish a Sustainable Blue Economy in the UAE - a marine-based economy that provides long-term social and economic benefits, safeguards marine ecosystems and promotes sustainability.

Eco Tourism

A sustainable approach to tourism, eco tourism helps minimize the impact of tourism on the environment while also preserving natural habitats and protecting wild species.

Our youth program Connect with Nature inspires young adults in the UAE to develop an appreciation for nature, by exploring natural habitats and eco-friendly activities in our own backyard.

Renewable Energy & Sustainable Cities

Renewable energy offers a clean, sustainable and more affordable alternative to traditional fuels. By shifting to renewable energy, we can limit the release of harmful emissions into our environment. By investing in this growing sector, we also have the potential to boost the economy, create green jobs and establish the UAE as a global knowledge hub for the green economy.

We work with public and private stakeholders to shape policy around renewable energy and accelerate the uptake of clean technologies in the UAE.

Market Transformation

The UAE’s private sector has a pivotal role to play in helping the UAE achieve its vision of sustainable development.

We work with multiple partners to bring about market transformation in the retail sector, through policies and strategies that promote energy-efficient technologies and help overcome barriers to implementation.

The Advisory Council:
We are part of the Advisory Council which is a virtual conference powered by collaboration. The concept behind it is a simple and noble one: engage the foremost political, business and cultural leaders to shape the UAE’s covid-19 and post covid-19 economy for the better. Created by the UAE Ministry of Economy and EMIR, The Advisory Council strives in all its efforts to demonstrate solution-focussed collaboration in the public interest

Youth Engagement

Today’s youth are tomorrow’s leaders.

We work with our partners to provide youth with a platform to learn more about nature, develop leadership skills and voice their opinions on issues that impact their future on our planet.

As part of our weekly youth circle series, we bring together over 200 youth and high-ranking members of government to reimagine our post COVID-19 future. Areas of discussion include economy and job prospects, public health, travel and transport, and the role of technology in the UAE’s green economy.

What you can do

Emirates Nature–WWF helps businesses and policymakers adopt and implement ambitious science-based targets to reduce risk, build resilience and future-proof the economy.

Become a part of the movement to safeguard natural habitats, protect species from the threat of extinction and halve our collective environmental footprint.

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